Seeta Hariharan

  GM and Group Head, TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group


8 Stories by Seeta Hariharan

Winner of the 2018 Woman of the Year Award

I’m am thrilled and honored to have received this prestigious award. I am grateful to CRN for acknowledging what we do at Tata Consultancy...
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My car realized I’d moved, but Amazon didn’t

I recently moved into a new home and in a two-month stretch spent a significant amount of money on buying numerous furnishings, decorator...
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Musings on my digital journey

Thanks for sharing some time with me on my digital journey. Early in life I chose a career in technology because I believed it...
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“The Moment of Truth” Has Already Passed

In the 1980s, former Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) CEO Jan Carlzon transformed the struggling carrier into a leader by turning customer service into an...
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The View from the Top of FinTech is Clear: Banks Must Speed Up Digital Transformation

For more than a decade, Wall Street and the rest of the financial services industry looks forward to IDC’s annual ranking of the top...
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Why an IT Services Powerhouse Got into the Software Business

Companies in every industry are up against an unprecedented combination of threats. Banks are facing fintechs, retailers are battling born-on-the-web giants and telcos are...
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Smart Banks and Dumb Pipes

The recent dynamics introduced in the banking industry by the emergence of financial technology or Fintech players reminds me of the disruptions seen in...
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Owning the Customer Journey

In the last five years, it has become abundantly clear that the question of digital transformation is not one of if we should prepare...
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