Seeta Hariharan – Visionary, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Holder of 25 Global Patents

Seeta Hariharan: Keynote Speaker Highlight Reel



Keynote Speaker at General Electric’s 2018 WISE Symposium




Innovation keynote speaker at University of Maryland



Keynote Speaker at IEEE Women in Engineering Forum Baltimore 2017.

 Watch highlights of her address here.  



Keynote Speaker at IEEE Women in Engineering Leadership Summit Goa 2017




  • Seeta Hariharan has spoken at The 2nd Retail & CPG Executive Summit: Customer 2025, an event by Knowledge@Wharton
  • CX Impact 2014 – How to Deliver Superior Customer Experiences in a Physical-Digital World, 9th December 2014
  • IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, 1st-3rd May 2014 San Francisco, CA
Seeta Hariharan at the NASDAQ Closing Bell ceremony during 2nd Retail & CPG Executive Summit: Customer 2025, Knowledge@Wharton Customer Centricity event.

Image Source: Knowledge @ Wharton